What is Microcurrent and How does it work?

It’s happened to me. There’s a point in your life when you look in the mirror and pull your skin up behind your ears and see yourself 20 years ago!!…..and its usually at this point we start looking around for the miracle cure. We conveniently forget the years of stress and abuse we have put our poor faces through.

In the modern world we are fortunate enough to turn to technology for our fountain of youth, and one of our most effective means in this scenario is Microcurrent.

Microcurrent has existed for many years within the sports injury sector for its proven and accepted properties in wound healing and muscle rehabilitation, but it appeared in Aesthetics in the 1970’s and still now there is no other electrical modality to compare.

I hear you….. are you thinking of the random involuntary movements and strange twitching sensation of a slendertone on your face?

Well its not that!….. Microcurrent is almost undetectable during your treatment, aside from a mild tingling sensation, it goes about its business in the battle of anti ageing by delivering a very low level electrical that mirrors the body’s own natural currents.

Now this current isn’t powerful enough to  magically manoeuvre the muscle back into position so we use probes to gently manipulate the muscle into the desired position to perform what is known as Muscle Re-education….. the process of lengthening or shortening muscles.

Muscles that have got used to certain movements over time (smiling,frowning) have more often than not become increasingly shortened and the larger muscles of our facial structure, in our cheeks and jawline, have lengthened from years of ageing and gravity.

On top of that our collagen supplies are depleting and our elastin fibres are breaking down. The fresh oxygen supply that flowed through our 23 yr old veins is now like the slow train to London on the Chiltern Line!

Blood circulation has everything to do with the function, health, colour and condition of our skin, and so alongside the muscle re-education, its vitally important to reboot the whole system.

Microcurrent also allows the superior penetration of water based products into the skin so we can deliver the highly effective advanced ingredients of Dermalogica’s ion charged serums.

So job done! One treatment and I will leave looking like the baby faced Fresher of my youth?….. well, although a remarkable difference is seen after one treatment the benefits of Microcurrent are cumulative and as such typically a series of treatments will give you the best gains.

Sadly this treatment isn’t suitable for all. Amongst other contraindications, notably a pacemaker would prevent you from having this….. (I am sure this doesn’t take much explaining!)….. but in which case we have a whole array of other gorgeous uplifting skin treatments to choose from.

Mwah xxxxxxx

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