Come out of your shell!!

Now let’s talk about the latest massage tool that has graced us Lofty ladies with its presence….. The Lava Shell. Not as scary as it sounds, trust me on that one, but one thing I can assure you, you will leave the treatment annoyed at yourself for never trying it before.

With its self-heating technology to warm your tense, angry muscles combined with the super high skill set of the Lofty ladies, this treatment is the perfect answer to your aching needs.

We’ve all been prodded, poked, elbowed and stretched in all sorts of desperate attempts to undo all of the bending and slumping and lifting we have been doing for years… and yes it feels great….. after. But why does it need to be so torturous? Well, the fact is, it doesn’t.

Using the curved edges and planes of the warmed tiger striped clam shell, we can reach the depths of the muscle that your average manual massage cant….easing away tension, knots and stress. The fluid, almost hypnotic strokes will leave you floating on your own little cloud!

Interested? I welcome you to your better life. An Idyllic life with the Lava Shell massage.

Blogger; Georgia Evans

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