Welcome to The Loft…

Welcome Back!

We are delighted to be able to throw open our newly painted double doors again!…..hopefully for good this time!

Thank you all for being so patient and supportive throughout this turbulent past year. We busied ourselves with a super swanky new makeover…..you absolutely must come and take a look!

We are still working hard to ensure your safety and comfort whilst visiting the salon, so please remember to wear a mask and complete your covid screening form which will be emailed to you prior to your appointment.

To reassure those who are concerned about their gift voucher, All vouchers that were due to expire in or after AUG 2020 have now been extended until NOV 2021.

Look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces, toes and fingers!

Mwah xxxxxxxxxx

Coronavirus infection prevention and control policy

Both Katy and Claire and the Team want to reassure each and every one of you that we entirely covid compliant, we have remained up to date with the changing guidelines on the requirements to carry out close contact treatment and will continue to ensure that your/our health is of paramount concern.

Sadly some of the changes listed below might not quite give you your usual Lofty experience, but worry not….Katy will still be orange so some things won’t change!

✔ We have placed Perspex screens on our nail desks
✔ We have had a wiggle around and made our waiting and treatment areas social distancing friendly.
✔ All surfaces throughout the salon will be cleaned regularly and wiped with the appropriate cleaning product between each treatment
✔ One-use disposable items will be used for all treatments
✔ We will ensure adequate ventilation throughout the salon with doors and windows open where possible.
✔ Staff rostas have been tweaked to allow us to rotate shifts within the salon to ensure there are less people in the building at one time.
✔ All the Lofty Ladies will be wearing PPE ….its a hard look to rock but think we’ve cracked it!!

✔ Please arrive promptly for your appointment, (preferably alone) take a seat outside and ring the
bell to let us know you have arrived !
✔ We cant offer you hot drinks or magazines.(Feel free bring your own) We have bottled water should you wish.
✔ Please pay using card or other cashless means.
✔ to please ensure you have filled out your client consultation form prior to your appointment
✔ To contact us and re-arrange your appointment, if you have a temperature, or are feeling unwell or if any person in your household has the same or is self-isolating. We will continue to relax our cancellation policy to allow full flexibility should you have any concerns​.

Sending you loads of virtual lofty hugs ….mwah! xxxxxxx

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