Welcome to The Loft…

​We like to think of The Loft as the very essence of ‘shabby chic’, elegant and rustic at the same time but with a sense of humour and a quirky outlook.

Spend an hour or two at The Loft you will feel like you have been there your whole life! Time at The Loft is about time with friends, catching up and reconnecting, it is about letting go and escaping, it is about ‘you time’, it is indulgence but hey who doesn’t deserve a little indulgence now and again.

Of course we do beauty and wellness (we like to think we do it rather well) but The Loft experience is about much more than that…time at The Loft is ‘soul food’, it is about nourishing your spirit and letting the real you flourish once again.

You don’t just leave ‘The Loft’ looking fabulous on the outside, you go out into the world glowing on the inside too.

Can’t wait to see you…

Mwah x

The Lofty Ladies

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