Lofty Lingo

JUST FOR FUN ...before your visit The Loft, you may find it useful to understand some of the language we is a glossary of the Lofty Lingo!



The magical art of being serious, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate with a warm positive outlook and playful manner.



A feeling of contentment, happiness and personal wellbeing through companionship, cosy surroundings and a cracking facial.

Lofty Ladies


enthusiastic, passionate; approachable; warm; a little bit cheeky;

A group of eclectic individuals who share a love of all things Beauty. Have a good understanding of skincare, nail care, Netflix and the weather. Partial to the odd gin. Always pleased to see you.

Lofty Lovely


A regular observer of loft-life. Enjoys feeling special and looking fabulous. Likes new and exciting products. Can often be seen leaving with a smile and a great set of nails.

Lofty Life


The ritual of spending quality time with the Lofty ladies, looking after yourself, having a bit of a giggle and taking some well deserved me timeā€¦.usually with a glass of fizz.

The Loft

[THE-LOFT] Place

Warm, quirky, homely, beautiful, relaxed environment , filled with laughter, love and lots of irresistible goodies.



Expert language created by Katy. Only a few understand it but is known to create warm fuzzy feelings that encourage you to part with your money.


[M-WAH] Noun

A big sloppy hug air kiss from the Loftyladies

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