About Us

Starting out in 2013, the ying and yang duo Katy and Claire opened the Loft above a small Deli......hence the name! Fast forward nine years, a few more grey hairs but not too many wrinkles (we have super powers for that!) the salon continues to grow and accrue a small team of super heroes who we have found have met our criteria of values to become a Lofty Lady. They are passionate and committed to their craft and people, energetic and empathetic, trustworthy and team focussed but above all ‘Lofty’ ......aka the magical art of being seriously playful!

The Lofty Ladies



Co Founder

Super Power: record nails in record time!
Fave Product: Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon.....helps my menopausal sleep deprivation!
My Fave go to treatment: Nails
Most likely to heard saying: Where's the invoice to this?!!
Hobbies / interests: Hockey, Peloton, …Piano
Best bit of being a Lofty Lady: changing my nail colour every week!



Co Founder

Super Power: Selling ice to the Eskimos!
Fave Product: anything VITA!....I love being tanned!
Fave go to Treatment: The Ulitmate Lofty Lift.....love the results!
Most likely to heard saying: 'put this in the Grundon but don’t tell Claire!'
Hobbies / interests: Horses and tanning
Best bit of being a Lofty Lady: Fizz Wednesdays!



Senior Therapist

Super Power: Lush Lashes
Fave Product: Rebecca Tracey Bubble soak 
My Fave go to treatment: Lava shell massage ( to the stars no less!)
Most likely to heard saying: Did I ever tell you about the time I did a massage for Perrie from Little mix?
Hobbies / interests: Knitting, Running, Baking
Best Bit of being a Lofty Lady: Having a spray booth on tap!



Beauty Therapist

Super power: Beautifying the feet of the world one pedi at a time
Fave Product: Clear start Breakout clearing booster ...Maskne is no joke!
Fave go to Treatment: a lovely fresh set of Gel colour!
Most likely to heard saying: 'Luverly'
Hobbies / interests: Netflix, arts and crafts
Best bit about being a Lofty Lady: ....the Percy Pigs draw!



Beauty Therapist

Super Power: Legendary brow tinting
Fave Product: Vita Liberata Self tan Mist.....I’m the palest Lofty!
Fave go to Treatment: Any Dermalogica Facial
Most likely to be heard saying: 'that's ok Darlin!'
Hobbies / interests: Crystals/
Best bit about being a Lofty Lady:......learning from the rest!

stacie profile pic


Beauty Therapist

Super Power: Massage (years of practice in a spa!)
Fave Product: Delilah Underwear ( it’s a primer!)
My Fave go to treatment: Pedicure
Most Likely to be heard saying: A lot!
Hobbies / interests: Make up tutorial You Tube addict!
Best Bit of being a Lofty Lady: Victorias cakes!!!

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