LED Light Therapy

Let me ‘enlighten’ you on the latest innovation that has landed here at The Loft. Hot on the heels of our new Microneedling treatment we have now introduced LED light therapy to add to our arsenal of treatments to keep you all looking fabulous!

So what is it? How does it work and what can I expect?

Light therapy is a non invasive, pain free, safe application of LED light to treat a variety of skin concerns, medical conditions and cosmetic issues.

Light Therapy works by impacting the functions in the cells in the skin. As they absorb the light they become more ‘busy’ and energy efficient and start to do magical things!

The different wavelengths/colour of light impact different cells in different layers of the skin so we can help treat whatever it is that is bothering you.

In our fancy pantsy machine, we have in fact got 3 coloured lights:

Blue light- helps to kill off bacteria that causes acne and spots, it also has a calming effect to reduce inflammation and minimise infection.

Red light -boosts collagen, increases hydration, enhances the circulation and generally gives you back the vitality and glow we all once enjoyed! On a side note it is also great to promote healing and reduce pain in your muscles. Katy can often be found laying with it on her back to treat her old horse riding injuries!

Near Infrared Light -gets to where the good stuff happens! It triggers wound healing, reduces pigmentation and calms redness and irritation.

Put all 3 together and what have we got? …A Rainbow!! Ha ha…. not quite, but it is entirely possible that you may need a combination of one or more to get the best results.

AND THEN…..on top of all of this we also have another secret weapon…Dermalogica’s Light Energy mask! This has been specifically formulated to amplify the effects of LED red light. Its potent combination of peptides and extracts has been proven to increase the collagen and elastin production 3 times more than when using red light alone.

Its honestly underrated how good Led light therapy is….there isn’t a skin concern that won’t benefit! You can see brightening results after just one experience ,so its perfect for that big night out , but as always a course of treatments will offer more powerful long lasting results.

With no downtime (no red or peeling skin here!) and only the soothing and relaxing benefits of laying under a lamp what’s not to love?

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